What do seniors want most?

What do seniors want most?Photo Credit: Waldy Cuevas

If you have a senior in your family, you may have found yourself asking the question, What do seniors want most? It’s a good question to ask, and being able to answer it will allow you to better understand and support the senior.

The reality is that seniors just want what we all want. However, this is of course more complicated than just saying we all want love. In this article, we’re going to look at just a few of the most important things that seniors want.


After a life of being able to have their independence, a senior cannot be stripped of it all at once. This can cause a lot of bitterness and anxiety. Ideally, the senior will never have to lose their sense of independence completely.

One way you can help give seniors independence is by allowing them to do as much as they are still able to do. In an effort to help our loved ones, we often go overboard. Our protective instincts kick into gear, often to a degree that is not necessary.

The answer? Do all you can to ensure the safety of the senior. For example, add grab bars in the tub and make sure a caregiver is present to help whenever possible. But after you’ve done what you can to help, let the senior know that you still view them as independent and able to accomplish things on their own.

Allowing a senior to remain at home can go a long way on this front. Many seniors would much prefer to stay in the home with the help of a caregiver instead of go into a facility. The familiar surroundings provide a place in which they can do what they are used to doing.

Social Interaction

Just because a senior might require more down time or quieter places, he or she most likely still wants to be able to socialize with others on a regular basis. An in-home caregiver can provide great companionship in this area. A caregiver can also help the senior travel to events, activities, or gatherings that are particularly geared towards seniors.

Often times, seniors desire to be able to continue contributing to society in some way. Helping them find a place to volunteer can fill that desire and can also help them stay socially active in the community.

Hobbies and Interests

Caregivers and families with seniors often find that one of the best ways to spend time with a senior is by doing things the senior has always loved to do. This might be painting, fishing, completing puzzles, sewing, or simply going for a walk.

These hobbies and interests certainly can change over time, and a senior may become less able to do them in some cases. But whenever possible, try to answer the question What do seniors want most? by answering What do seniors like to do most?


To round out this article, it’s important to remember that seniors want family involvement. They want to spend time with the family – the kids, grandkids, and sometimes great-grandkids as they get older. They want to simply know that their family is there and that they care.

Whatever senior care solution you choose, keep this last point at the forefront of your mind. During this month, as we focus on the benefits of home care, we’d like to remind you that having an in-home caregiver through CareFamily can be a great way to stay involved in your senior loved one’s life, to continue being their child instead of their caregiver or an infrequent visitor.