Tax Compliance for Hiring an In Home Caregiver

Tax Compliance for Hiring an In Home CaregiverPhoto Credit: AgriLife Today

Taxes can be scary – especially for household employers – but CareFamily provides an excellent tax management service that makes it easy for families to hire in home care providers.

As a household employer, you are responsible for providing your caregivers with the proper documents to file their taxes at the end of the year. CareFamily can streamline this process for you.

How We Help with Tax Management

CareFamily and our outside payroll company provides all of the legal tax documents that need to be sent to the caregivers. There is no need to worry about late fees because CareFamily promises that everything will be sent in to the caregiver on time.

Most families worry enough about finding proper care for their loved ones. This is a way that CareFamily provides one less thing to worry about.

Tax Compliance

Everything is secure and easy through CareFamily. All that is required is a Limited Power of Attorney and an SS-4 form. The Power of Attorney states that CareFamily is allowed to make payments on behalf of the family and the SS-4 states that the IRS can make payments on behalf of the family.

This service is provided at no extra cost for the family. It is included in the $3 CareFamily fee. Take advantage of this service and many other protections and benefits by utilizing our platform!

Already have a caregiver but want to take advantage of all our services – including payment processing, tax management, background checks, bonding, and liability insurance? Take a look at our Bring Your Own Caregiver option.