Planning Ahead for Elder Care

Planning Ahead for Elder CarePhoto Credit: hockadilly

In this article, we’re going to explore how you and your family can start planning ahead for elder care. No matter who you are, the chances are high that you will need to look into senior care options for one or two parents as they age.

The reality is that a senior’s condition can change almost overnight, so it’s important to be prepared for the future in any way you can. The sooner you can start your research, the better. If you can involve the senior in the decision making before any big changes are made, you will be able to help him or her maintain a feeling of control and independence.

How and Where to Research Your Options

When you planning ahead for senior care, you want to make sure you take advantage of talking with friends and family who have already walked through the process. Oftentimes, the resources closest to you can be overlooked, but the reality is that these people in your life can provide a lot of upfront insight that will at least put you on the right track without having to go through rounds and rounds of trial and error.

Of course, you want to always be sure you consult with a professional when it comes to looking at your options. Oftentimes, a senior’s doctor will be able to provide insight into what level of care will be required.

Finally, and in many ways most importantly, you need to utilize the internet to comprehensively research your options. Many companies today, such as, are partially or almost entirely online-based. Not only will you find the information you are looking for online, but you may even find a great care option that can be managed through the internet.

How to Build a Support System

When you begin to plan for elder care, it’s important to begin thinking about how you can build a support system. Without a support system in place, you can easily feel overwhelmed and not be able to help the senior in a healthy way.

A support system is basically a group of people who can support you in taking care of your loved one. This group might include:

  • Your immediate family

  • The senior’s spouse

  • Extended family who are close to you or the senior

  • Friends who can be there to fill in or simply to talk through things with you

  • Doctors, Therapists, or Pastors

  • A caregiver or multiple caregivers who can support you with in home care

Finances as They Relate to Planning Ahead for Elder Care

Finances for senior care needs to be discussed as early as possible. The senior should be included in these discussions, which should include dialogue about a preferred senior care option, an option if more extensive care is needed, and how the senior’s money will be used, if at all.

Again, be sure to take advantage of speaking with those who have already gone through the process of finding senior care and paying for it. Do some upfront research to understand how long term care insurance, medicaid, or medicare could be helpful.

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