Love is in the Air

Last week was Valentine’s Day, and it is the perfect time to start dating again whether you are single and 22 or 62. It is not fair to save all the dating fun for the young singles when the baby boomer generation gave us Elvis Presley and Marvin Gaye.

You’re Never too Old to Date

According to the AARP website, adults over 50 are the fastest growing demographic using online dating websites. The dating world may have changed over time but older adults are still looking for love.

According to William Ayala, a single 51 year old man, “I meet people all over the place, libraries, kids’ parties, and online; I am a very sociable person.” Ayala uses Facebook and Zoosk to meet people online.

A survey conducted by AARP suggested 23 percent of single men and women over 50 years old tried an online dating site because they are able to meet a broader range of people, 20 percent of people said there is no pressure and they don’t have to talk to people they don’t want to and 14 percent were recommended by a friend.

Dating as an older adult is not going to be exactly the same as when you dated in your college years. People and priorities change as they grow older.

Ayala said, “I have changed, and how I look at it. I don’t go in stressed out. I have been on a date of bike riding or a walk through the park. I keep it casual.”

Older adults may have more to think about than themselves like in their earlier days. “There’s no playing around at my age so the cards are all out on the table. And I have to think about my kid, that is more important,” said Ayala.

When you step out and go on your first date, stay true to yourself, be open-minded and don’t take it too seriously, according to Whether you are looking for friendship or a lifelong partner, don’t be afraid to try new technologies to find a soul mate.

Dating Sites for Seniors

The top five dating sites for seniors are:
2. Zoosk
3. EHarmony