CareFamily’s Live-in Cases Provide a Great Opportunity for Professional Caregivers

To begin, let me give you a very basic idea of what live-in senior care would look like for you, the care provider. As a live-in caregiver, you would provide 24 hour care to a senior in the senior’s or the family’s home. This kind of care can have many benefits for you, the family, and the senior. In this article, my goal is to answer a lot of the questions you may have about live-in care so you can see if it’s a good fit for you as a caregiver.

What does live-in care look like?

In most cases, you would be staying in the home for multiple days or multiple weeks at a time. The total time would include sleep.

A typical live-in day is divided into three sections. You can expect to work for 8 hours, rest for 8 hours, and have 8 hours for sleep. During work hours, you would perform the essential care tasks, such as dressing, bathing, light housekeeping, meal preparation, errands, companionship, and other types of hands-on care when needed. During rest hours, you would be able to relax. This time is for reading, browsing the internet, catching up on paying the bills, or anything personal you would like to do. While this time is for rest, you are still on call for the senior as needed. Sleep hours should be reserved for sleep as much as possible so that you are able to maintain energy for the job. However, in the event of an emergency, you will still be available to assist the senior.

Benefits of Live-in Care for Professional Care Providers

There are several benefits of being a live-in caregiver. Here are some of them:

  • You will be able to share the workload with one or two other caregivers. This gives you time off, while you can still maintain a great wage.

  • You will be able to get rest and alone time even on work days. This is both good for you and for the senior with whom you are working. You will have your own room in the house for privacy and sleep.

  • Your room and board expenses are paid for. While you will need to buy your own “extra” food that is not part of meals, regular meals each day are included.

  • Agencies can send as many as 7 to 10 caregivers per week, which is not helpful for relationship development. Being part of a small two or three person team of caregivers allows you to develop strong bonds with the family and the senior.

Approximate Pay

The cost of live-in care through CareFamily is significantly less than nursing home care or 24-7 care through an agency. That being said, your pay as a live-in caregiver is better.

Most live-in caregivers working for families through CareFamily earn $135 – $155 per day. At this rate, you can make a full time income while still getting time off. Furthermore, you have many of your expenses of room and board paid for while you are working.

Scheduling and Sharing

As a final note, it’s important to note that communication is key with live-in care. Since you will most likely be working rotating days or weeks with at least one other caregiver, make sure you have clearly defined your responsibilities with the family.

Live-in care can be a great option for all parties involved. If it’s something you would like to do, be sure to indicate that you are available for live-in care on your CareFamily profile. And if you haven’t registered as a caregiver on our site yet, you can get started by going HERE.