Live-in care as a more affordable care option

Live-in care is a great way to get around-the-clock care at a lower cost than other 24 hour care solutions.

Benefits of Live-in Care

The biggest benefit is that the senior can stay at home, and have someone at the house 24 hours a day at a much subsidized cost than 24 hour agency care, nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

Another benefit is the tight, family-like relationships between the caregiver and client. This relationship is more likely to happen in a live-in care situation. In addition, just because the caregiver is there 24/7 doesn’t mean the senior does not receive any privacy. The caregiver will sometimes excuse themselves to give themselves and the senior privacy.

How Live-in Care Works

Basically, a live-in caregiver requires their own bedroom in the house and basic meals. The caregiver will work for an extended period of time from several days in a row to several weeks in a row.  Usually two or three caregivers will rotate to avoid caregiver burn-out and to add backup support in case a caregiver is sick.

The live-in caregiver will work a normal eight hour shift, doing housework, cooking meals, grooming the senior and other caregiving tasks. The caregiver will have eight hours of rest, during this time he or she may run errands with the senior, do a personal activity at the house such as reading, studying or watching television. He or she is within reach of the senior if emergency care is needed but the caregiver might not be actively working. The caregiver should receive uninterrupted sleep for 5-8 hours.

The cost of hourly 24 hour care through an agency at $19 an hour is $166,000 annually. Live-in care with an agency can cost up to $250 a day equaling $90,000 a year. CareFamily offers live-in caregivers for $140-$150 a day, including insurances and tax management.

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