How to Select Caregivers to Interview

You have taken the first step—deciding that now is the right time to hire a paid caregiver. And now you are sifting through the list of potential candidates. But how do you narrow down your choices to a few key individuals to interview? As you look through the list of candidates, ask yourself the following questions about them to help you narrow down your choices:

Questions to Consider:

Which caregivers have the skills and background that meet your senior’s unique needs?
Do the caregivers have availability in their schedule – or can you be flexible with your desired days and times for your senior’s care?
Does the caregiver live in a reasonable commuting distance from your senior?
Does the caregiver’s rates fit within your budget for care?
Does the caregiver’s profile list personal interests that fit well with your seniors’ interests (gardening, board games, puzzles, etc.)?
Does the caregiver have any restrictions that may disqualify them (allergic to pets, doesn’t drive, etc.)?

You might not be able to find a perfect match but asking these questions will help you find the BEST match. Once you have considered these areas and any others that may be specific to your circumstance and the needs of your senior loved one, you are ready to reach out to candidates to schedule interviews with caregivers.