Home Care vs. Assisted Living

Each option for senior care holds advantages and disadvantages. This is certainly true when considering home care vs. assisted living. Families have to evaluate their options to find the best fit for them. In many cases, it takes just a little upfront knowledge to make an informed decision. Let’s delve right into some of the varying aspects of home care and assisted living.

Cost of Care

Both assisted living and home care can be affordable options when compared to nursing home costs. However, the difference between the two lies in flexibility.

Assisted living provides access to care 24-7, though most seniors in assisted living facilities do not necessarily need help full time or even close to full time. Even so, the price is stuck no matter how much care the senior actually requires. The benefit here is that the cost can cover several things at once, including housing, planned activities, and meals. According to Genworth’s 2013 cost of care survey, the national median price for an assisted living facility is $3,450 per month.

With home care, the family gets to choose the hours of care. This can allow for a much more affordable option. The possible disadvantage is that extra amenities, meals, and activities will not be available. Of course, these things can be replaced, as I will discuss in the next section. The average cost for agencies is $21-$25 per hour. With CareFamily, the cost of care can be as low as $14 per hour and $150 per live-in day.

What’s Included?

It’s an important question to ask. As we’ve already discussed, assisted living facilities can provide some great perks for the senior. If your senior loved one is interested in having a community of other seniors with which to socialize, an assisted living facility can be a great option. You may also like that fact that the senior will have access to a helping hand 24-7.

On the other hand, most seniors prefer to age in place (88% according the the AARP). The main advantage of home care, therefore, is the ability for the senior to remain somewhat independent in their familiar surroundings. It’s also important to mention that a caregiver can provide care as well as companionship, allowing the family to be the family and spend quality time with the senior when they are available.

Home Care vs. Assisted Living: Your Choice

Ultimately, the choice is in your hands. Cost and included benefits of each are certainly important factors to consider, but there may be more factors to consider that are particular to your situation. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below or ask us here. We always enjoy being able to support families in their search for the right kind of senior care for them.