Finding the Right Home Health Care

Deciding to bring a home health care professional into your home is an important decision. Selecting the right caregiver can be very challenging and stressful for those involved. Knowing the right questions to ask and where to start your search can make this transition much easier. Today’s families are choosing now more than ever to have their loved ones taken care of at home as opposed to traditional nursing home settings.

Who Qualifies for Home Health Care?

Families try to keep loved ones at home as long as possible until the provided care is no longer being properly given or requires more than what can be provided by family members. Those who are recovering from a hospital stay, surgery, illness, or are having a decrease in activities of daily living are also good candidates for home health care. Depending on the degree of care your loved one needs will help to determine which professional caregiver to hire. Home health care professionals range from not having any certifications to certified nurse’s assistants, licensed practical nurses, and registered nurses.

What Does Home Health Care Provide?

Home health care services include, but are not limited to bathing, help ambulating, companionship, running errands, medication dispensing, light housekeeping and cooking. Anyone who needs assistance with one or all of these would benefit from having a home health care professional. The relief and stress reduced by hiring some assistance at home can be great. Families can feel more at ease knowing their loved one is getting the care and assistance they need in the comfort of their homes. Family members will be able to monitor the care provided daily and make changes at anytime with the flexibility of a caregiver being there only a short few hours a day to around the clock care.

With hospital stays becoming shorter and people without insurance needing more care at home, home health care has become an affordable alternative. For any family that wants to give their loved one the best care possible, home health care is fast becoming the most important decision for families to remain in charge of care provided.

If you are ready to find the right home health care professional for your loved one, you can start by searching for the right one near you. You can also answer a short 10-question form to get matched to local caregivers or call us at (877) 444-4112 for a phone assessment. We look forward to helping you and your loved one.