Empowering Care Providers to Promote Their Services to Families

Empowering Care Providers to Promote Their Services to Families

We are excited to announce a new program through which you, the care providers, can advertise your caregiving services to families. The program is called “Bring Your Own Caregiver.” For you, it could be called “Bring Your Own Family” or “Bring Your Own Case.”

What is it?

This program empowers the family by allowing them to hire who they please while also protecting them and you as the caregiver.

Families who hire caregivers privately to work in their home could be at risk if they and the caregiver are not covered with all necessary legal protections. That’s why CareFamily offers a “protection package.”

What’s included for you?

Our protection package provides a free background screening, bonding, liability insurance, and tax management. This is all included in a small fee that the family will pay.

These protections are all important for you and can be selling points as you talk with families about the services you can provide. As an example, you could mention that RN’s typically have to obtain their own professional liability insurance, but it will be provided for you if you are hired through CareFamily.

Additional Benefits

One additional benefit that CareFamily provides is the aide of a care coach. Our care coaches are available by phone or email to assist you with any issue that may arise. You also never have to worry about your payments because CareFamily will process all of your payments. Furthermore, because you will be part of a network of caregivers on CareFamily, you can help your family find backup care to fill in for you.

What You Need to Do

You might already be working privately with a family or thinking of promoting your services. Now, you can take advantage of this new program.

All you have to do is refer the family that you are working for to our website. In particular, point them to this page. We will get you registered in our system and get everything started right away!

We look forward to having you on board. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us here.