Eight Signs That Your Senior Loved One May Need Assistance

A lot of families wait until a major event happens in their senior loved one’s life to look for assistance or in-home care. Here are eight signs that your senior loved one may need assistance. One or two of these signs shouldn’t be alarming but if the senior is demonstrating several habitually, you should consider how CareFamily  can be a care solution for you.

Eight Signs:

Neglecting their personal hygiene
If the senior is not bathing or grooming properly and regularly this might be a sign to look into care options. He or she might go from taking regular showers or baths to taking “birdbaths” or sink baths. Also, they might develop urinary tract infections if they are not cleaning properly. Wearing the same clothes constantly can be a sign.

•Neglecting housekeeping and household duties

You might notice that the senior is not cleaning up after themselves, un-emptied garbage cans, sticky counters or dirty floors. They might leave the stove burners on or the food in the fridge might be old, moldy or expired.

• Driving
Drive with your senior loved ones occasionally to gauge their driving safety. Inspect the body of the car occasionally for little dents and nicks that they might have bumped or clipped something while driving.

• Medications
Check to see if their medications are expired, if they are taking them on time or if there are unfilled prescriptions. You may want to take advantage of CareFamily’s medicine reminder tool.

• Memory loss
Occasional forgetfulness is nothing to fret about but chronic memory loss can be a sign to find a caregiver. If they ask the same questions repeatedly and do not remember the answer to them in a short span of time, that could be a sign. If they are misplacing objects in strange places and forgetting about it that could be a sign. If you find their keys in the refrigerator and they don’t remember putting them there, it might be time to consider care options.

• Appetite loss
Their appetite may decrease and they might start cooking less. Drastic weight loss in a short period of time can be an alarm.

• Depression
Pay attention if your senior loved one doesn’t want to go anywhere or be motivated to do much of anything. Look out for their anxiety level and sleeping patterns to gauge their mood.

• Scams
If they are giving away money when they should not be or getting involved in scams, they might need help.

Check out CareFamily’s video tools to help with several of these warning signs and visit www.CareFamily.com to post your care job today.