CareFamily’s Protection Package: Keeping Families & Caregivers Safe and Compliant

CareFamily’s Protection Package: Keeping Families & Caregivers Safe and CompliantPhoto Credit: Alan Cleaver

One of the reasons we started CareFamily was to help protect families and caregivers from issues they face while working together directly.

You are considered a household employer if you’ve hired someone to work in or around your home and you control both what work is done and how the work is done. CareFamily connects families with caregivers to hire directly.

Our tax management program allows us to manage all the intricacies, make all the payments and filings,  and provide all necessary year-end documents so families and caregivers can focus on what’s truly important.

Bonding Helps Protect Families

It is the family’s choice to hire a particular caregiver because the family is the employer. CareFamily provides tools and protections to assist families in making the right choice. For example, when a family is interested in interviewing a caregiver, CareFamily makes sure that the caregiver has a complete background check.

Bonding supplies an additional layer of protection in the unlikely event of theft. CareFamily provides a $25,000 bond for each family.

Liability Helps Protect Caregivers

All CareFamily caregivers have $1,000,000 in aggregate general and professional liability insurance, protecting themselves and the family in the case of an accidental injury.

CareFamily’s Protection Package

For a small fee on top of the hourly or daily live-in rate, CareFamily provides bonding, liability insurance, background checks, and tax management for families. These items not only provide assurance for the family, but offer the caregiver protection as well.

Learn more about our protection package HERE.