CareFamily: From Dream to Reality

For years I have watched caregivers across the country struggle with trying to live on minimum wage. And I have seen families who don’t want to or can’t pay the premium fees of an agency take risks by hiring caregivers with no screening, support, or protection. I’m excited that a solution, which has been years in the making, is finally here— CareFamily has finally gone from dream to reality.

When I receive feedback from caregivers and families using it makes all of our intense efforts worth it. In our few short months of working hand-in-hand with our first caregivers and seniors, we are seeing an immediate change. The average caregiver is making nearly $12 an hour (an increase of more than 30% of the national average agency rate,) and our families are paying, on average, just under $14 per hour (about 30-40% less than a traditional agency.)

Best of all, the quality of care from their caregivers (whom they have chosen and hired) has been exceptional. Because caregivers set their rate and are making more than they ever have, they show up, participate actively in care planning with families, and feel valued and appreciated.

It has also been amazing to see the protection we have been able to offer families over the past month as we have built support for families hiring caregivers.

Travelers Insurance has blanketed all families with a $25,000 Theft Bond in case of a rare incident. Maybe even more importantly, National Workers Comp Insurance protects families and caregivers against workplace injury.

Peace of mind is such a big part of any homecare solution. I believe with CareFamily we are already seeing a solution that is changing the landscape of delivering care in America.

The most exciting part to me is that we are only beginning. The best is yet to come.