Bring Your Own Caregiver: A New Option for the Family

Bring Your Own Caregiver: A New Option for the FamilyPhoto Credit:

We want to take this opportunity to announce a great new option that families can use to take advantage of all CareFamily has to offer. We call it “Bring Your Own Caregiver.”

What is it?

CareFamily’s “Bring Your Own Caregiver” allows the family to have complete control over the caregiver that they will be hiring. You no longer have to search through pages of caregivers or go through the interviewing process.

If you have somebody that you would like to hire as your caregiver, you can hire them through our website, by which you can receive the protection that CareFamily offers.

Why is the protection so important?

Our protection package includes background screenings for the caregivers, bonding, liability insurance, and tax management. Your caregiver will be covered by this protection package as all of our caregivers are. If you need additional caregivers for backup care, you can find one safely and easily in our online directory.

Other Advantages of Going through CareFamily

CareFamily is much more affordable than an agency because it allows you to hire a caregiver directly while providing all the necessary protections that give you peace of mind. You will also be assigned a personal care coach who will assist you along the way.

If you already have a caregiver working for you or have one in mind, simply go HERE and fill out the necessary information to get started.

We look forward to serving you and your family!